Vehicle graphics are a MUST for the transportation and logistics industries.

Branding your logistics and transportation fleet with vehicle graphics is a great way to make a break from traditional advertising. Vehicle graphics are nothing new, but they are in it for the long haul. If you want to see a return on your advertising dollars invest in vehicle graphics. Get more than one chance to reach your demographics by taking advantage of your mobility. You already have a fleet of vehicles on the streets now turn them into advertising machines!

Cold Hard Facts:

  • You can reach as many as 70,000 people per day with just one car featuring vehicle graphics. - Outdoor Advertising Association of America
  • 30 percent of motorists and pedestrians claim they base their buying decisions on moving ads and graphics they see on their commute. - Outdoor Advertising Association of America
  • An urban vehicle can generate up to 70,000 impressions per day. - Traffic audit by the Bureau for Media Measurement.
  • 95 percent of people notice vehicle wraps. - American Trucking Association
  • $3,500 full vehicle wrap has the same impact as $130,000 spent on advertising with traditional media. -3M

Consider your options

Since you are likely to have multiple drivers on the roads on any given day, branding your fleet is a must. Do not let customers literally pass you by. There are several types of vehicle graphics we can use to convey your brand:

Vehicle vinyl lettering is the most basic option for conveying your company name, USDOT lettering and any other prominent messages. Make your message stand out with custom colors such as: matte, metallic, reflective, neon, standard, or other types of vinyl.

Full-color, high-quality decals can be used to convey your logo, as well as other prominent graphics you want to add to your fleet.

If you want to go beyond lettering and decals consider a partial wrap. Covering your trucks in a vibrant vinyl wrap will allow you to share your company information with some eye-catching graphics. Our designers can also match the color of your vehicle to create the illusion of a full wrap.

Utilize all of the space on your vehicle with a full vinyl wrap. Create a fresh look for your fleet with bright colors and high-quality graphics. Since the full wrap is independent of your paint job, it will also serve to protect your vehicles from the wear and tear of the road.

  • Combinations:

Any of the options listed above are fine stand-alone solutions to branding your fleet. But why not kick your graphics into high gear? Combining any of these solutions can help to create a look even more unique to your business.

Why does my company need vehicle graphics?

Vehicle graphics drive company recognition. If you are a new business or just trying to reach more potential customers, there is no better way to reach them than branding your company vehicles. Your drivers are on the road anyway; why not allow them to build name recognition while they are on their routes? No other form of advertising will offer this type of return on investment, vehicle graphics are working 24/7 even when your trucks are parked your graphics can be seen.


How can I properly use vehicle graphics?

At this point, you can clearly see the import impact vehicle graphics can have on your fleet. With compelling facts like this, the next question we have to ask is how to effectively utilize our vehicle graphics. Of course you need a sleek design, but don’t stress Mr. Sign has got that covered. We just want you to know key components of creating vehicle graphics.

  • Highlight your niche:

Express what makes your company unique and create brand association with those specific qualities. Your competition is using vehicle graphics, highlighting your niche will help you stand out amongst competitors.

  • Use contrasting colors:

Your message will come through more clearly with contrasting colors. Nothing is more important than legibility.

  • Make contact easy:

Obviously you want to add your company name and phone number. How else can you encourage customers to contact you? Do you have a website? Add your website address. Are you active on social media? Add icons to encourage customer engagement. Don’t neglect a single chance to connect with potential customers.


Where can I get vehicle graphics?

Mr. Sign makes it simple and easy to brand your fleet. We can work with companies within their time constrains, because we know that there is no time to keep your fleet idle! Our professional designers create the look you need to convey a message that is specific to your brand. Start turning heads today and getting the attention your logistics company deserves. Keep your business moving forward with vehicle lettering, graphics, and wraps. Call us at 412-264-4555 or contact us online today.