The Many Benefits of Window Graphics

Attracting customers is a key goal in any business. If customers do not recognize your location they are bound to pass you by. How can you turn heads, draw crowds and build brand recognition? Signage! A strong brand speaks for itself. When you see a Nike "swoosh" you know there are Nike products close by, and you know what Nike stands for - athletic apparel.

Window graphics and lettering are great at drawing additional attention. Rather than hanging a sign and hoping for the best - brand the whole building! Colorful graphics and bold lettering are a low-cost, low-risk way to attract new customers to your location. Whether you are using vinyl window graphics, window stickers, window decals or custom window signage find the right graphics to represent your business twenty-four seven.


No Sign Permit Required!

Among the many reasons to install window graphics for your business is the fact that there are no hoops to jump through. There are no permits required to add signage to your windows. Placing additional signs on your property would require some back and forth with your city or town officials, that can be easily avoided with window graphics.


Cost Effective Signage

As far as signage goes, adding window graphics and lettering to your business is one of the most cost effective branding opportunities available. From production to installation, window graphics are much less hassle and can save you hundreds of dollars on your branding. With the correct material window graphics and stickers can last for years with little to no maintenance or cost to you. Or if your project calls for something less permanent they can be removed and changed as often as necessary.


 It's Prime Real Estate

You already own, or rent, your building. The windows are there, but you are leaving them blank.  Each window is an advertising opportunity that is being ignored. Do not leave a blank space where your advertising should be. People could be walking by your business on their commute, or during their lunch break, why let them pass by without sending them a message about your business.

It's Versatile

Window graphics and lettering are not permanent, you can switch them up for seasons or promotions. Create an ever-changing scene on your windows with short term stickers and decals to keep people coming back to see what's new! They also make great promotions for businesses that are under construction. They make it easy to hide the mess inside the building while creating anticipation for what is to come.


Why not make your entire building an extension of your brand? Window graphics and window lettering are a sure fire way to draw attention to your business.

If you are ready to attract new customers to your business with window graphics and lettering, please explore our website. Find ideas from projects we have completed or contact us with a new idea of your own - we are always up for a challenge.

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